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Oct. 27th, 2006 @ 06:47 am Who gives a fuck
There is that someone in my mind, all ive been doing is thinking about them.
Trying not to think about them.
Do you ever catch yourself doing things that you believe will impress that someone.
I catch myself doing everything i can think of trying to impress them
I doubt its working though, i just cant seem to get his attention.
I cant get them off my mind. I will be seeing him soon and i just hope that i dont make things akward.
Its been a while since ive seen him, and us finally being reunited in a way will be great.
I try to go over our meeting again over and over in my mind.
Just trying to picture his face when he sees me again, to see if there is any sign of him liking me.
Just trying to picture his face when i leave, to see if there is any sign of him liking me.
Just to picture his face.
He puts a smile on my face with the thought of him, but of course he doesnt know.
He makes me laugh, and he makes me sad, and almost everything inbetween, because
after all he is just a normal person.
But he is amazing in my mind...but he doesnt know that?

Anyway, im here in austin for the weekend for a concert.
After missing my first flight i started crying just in pure fustration, i called the cab at like 6 he didnt fucking get there til 730
and then get this i had to go to the OTHER airport just to get a flight.
I missed the first flight they had when i got there and the guy working was a total asshole.
I had this really crazy taxi guy, and i was like whoa...this guy is crazy.
i mean come on...just cause im rich doenst mean im gonna tip good. and GET THIS!!! the taxi to the airport..was eighty bucks!
i know im never calling his expensive ass again!!!
so then i was there and when i heard that i wasnt going to be on the flight i wanted to, i got soo upset and ran to the next gate to be
the first person on the waiting list, and thank goodness the lady gave me a seat.
The flight was short but it somehow took forever to get to austin. The flight was suppose to leave dallas at 1020...and its a 55 minute trip
and i got to austin about midnight...thats just crazyyy. as soon as i got there i called richard up and told him to come get me.
it took him a few minutes but i was finally in his car and on the way to his apartment.
robert got there a little after we did and we all went on the balcony and talked for a good while.
we had some laughs, some memories, and such.
then robert went to sleep and i was hungry, so i beckoned to richard that iwas hungry and alas he had some pizza so i ate it.
then i watched him play wow for a while and then he got tired.
right now he is asleep and im on his laptop updating my livejournal.
the concert is today and hopefully it will be amazing!
krystal is coming up with courtney...its been a WHILE since ive seen krystal and i saw courtney the day that i left the valley.
its been almost half a year since ive seen richard. and he looks exactly the same lol.
george is also here, and i saw him the last day i was in the valley as well. i have yet to see him since i got here.
lots of stuff has happened since my last update. id like to say i got rid of the drama finally.
andrew got soo mad when i put shawn as my number one and he just flipped out/
it was the stupidest shit to get mad over but i dont give a fuck because he is just a jerk.
i mean he was the one that even told me that top 8's on myspace dont matter, and here he is getting mad over one.
what a jerk. he has hurt me for the last time cause in that fight we had i told him i didnt even want to be friends anymore and i blocked him on myspace
and i even went to the extent of making a new sn on aim just so he wouldnt even think about talking to me.
oh and get this..im not telling any of his stupid friends anything, cept for karlos cause he is muh baby! lol
but it was seriously some of the stupidest drama that has taken place in my life thus far.
oh and now he is talking to some 14 year old, after he just rejected emily cause she was too young.
how the hell did i date him, how could i not see what an asshole he really is.
i hope every single girl in history sees it too so his pathetic life wont prey on nice innocent girls who dont even deserve that kind of treatment.
and it soo bugs me that the girls that do everything wrong get the best guy.
take star for example. she knew andrew and i were going out, and she STILL let him kiss her.
just come on...what the heck is that! thats just stupid!
and then like a week later she get the nicest hottest boyfriend. what the heck is that crap!
and what do i get...nothing. i havent had a love interest since well andrew. shawn comes pretty close but nothing is serious
and i doubt it will be just cause guys always find something better than me.
i, however, refuse to lower my standards! in the hopes that there will be some guy out there for me
that poem thing whatever, who the heck was that for. i dont even know, but its for HIM lol
well anyways back to current matters.
richard is going to wake up in about two hours and im wondering if i can write that long and then when he leaves..im thinking about playing some wow.
maybe george will come over and we can play wow or do something until richarad gets back from school.
i know i need some cheering up after all the previous andrew drama that was just lame.
hopefully that will happen here in austin.
i hope i can have some good times
my phone totally ran out of battery on the plane and well just in the airport in general, and i know i got some voicemails/
im almost pretty sure one of those messags is from my aunt wondering if i got to austin alright.
as for the other one...well i have no idea who that could be. it could be anyone actually.
maybe is was larissa calling to make sure i got here alright, maybe it was krystal asking about the brownies.
maybe it was alyssa wondering what i was doing in austin, maybe it was richard just leaving a message after i left him once...i have no idea.
i doubt that last one though lol.
my phone is charging as i type so hopefully i can listen to them soon and see whats upppp.
i like richards laptop, but mine totally kicks this ones ass.
i brought my old laptop here though cause well..i would never travel with a brand new laptop especially when i have a working older one that i dont really care about.
i took a really long shower today because the water was so cold. it was annoying but at least i got it done.
i hate that im fat lol
i hate that i didnt know how to mute this thing til about after an hour. i feel dumb.
im hungry.
just so many useless things going on in my mind, but what else do i have to think about.
welll i guess i better end it here and just update again once the weekend is done.
i hope i have some memories to write down so i never forget! woohoo.

also..back to wow lol
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Date:October 27th, 2006 05:14 pm (UTC)
(what was that)
i dont like flying
infact, i never have and i dont think ill ever want to lol
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